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Head & Upper Body

M A S E airbags offer protection for head and upper body!

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Fast sensor technology

Every 3.6 milliseconds the position of the user is recalculated and checked for a crash or fall

Can be used multiple times

After a crash, a new inflator will keep you going right away!


Easy test release to perform yourself via app!


Bicycle tours are certainly one of the most beautiful leisure activities one can do. Whether with a classic bike or e-bike, a bike tour allows body and mind to replenish their reserves. Our M A S E AIRDING backpack offers the best possible protection for bike tours. With only 1100g the AIRDING is so light that you will hardly feel it. Particularly safe is the ride with the AIRDING Pro, which is equipped with an extra comfortable back protector in addition to the AIRBAGS

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Pedelec riders are particularly at risk for serious injuries. For every 1,000 serious accidents, there are 7.6 fatalities, more than twice as many as in conventional bicycle accidents.


Riding a bicycle in the city can be very dangerous. Especially in hectic rush-hour traffic, you can easily be overlooked by cars or make a mistake yourself. In addition, many cyclists ride without a helmet for short journeys, particularly in the city. For riders without a helmet, we recommend the AIRDING PRO with Upper Body Airbag, which offers special protection for the head. Helmet riders can take the AIRDING PRO with a Facebag, which specifically protects the face and shoulders.

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Road cycling

Road cyclists live in a contrast. On the one hand, they want to save weight to bring maximum performance; on the other hand, they also want to protect themselves from injuries. Since we assume that road cyclists usually sit in the saddle with a helmet, we recommend the AIRDING with Face Airbag. This special airbag protects the face, cervical spine and upper body and thus increases safety with minimal weight.